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The following posts are written by contributors and do not necessarily represent the views of ZitoBox.

September 13, 2021

Casino Reviews – How Do Chumba Casino, LuckyLand Casino and Funzpoints Casino Stack Up?

So many of us find enjoyment from paying games. They could be sports games; they could be board games, or they could even be online games. There is something very rewarding to win at something or to even just try your best at something. This is why online games and in particular, social casinos are becoming more popular, they fill the need to win. But with so many social casinos to choose from, which offer the most balanced form of gameplay? Which help you to keep it fun rather than it take over your life?

We are going to review three different casinos today which include Chumba Casino, LuckyLand Casino and Funzpoints Casino. Three casinos which all offer the same level of gaming experience without the online gambling elements. We will take a look at how each of them work, what sort of investment is involved and what sort of reward can be obtained. But first, let’s cover some frequently asked questions about social casinos and how they work.

What Is a Social Casino?

With online gambling being illegal in the US, it’s no surprise that social casinos became popular. They are a way to still enjoy the games frequently found on online casinos but without the initial cash deposit or cash gambling element. Instead, you will find that many of the games are free to play, cost a nominal amount to unlock new levels or offer you in game purchases to enhance your play.

Of course, without putting any money down, it does mean that you don’t win cash back. However, many social casinos make it so that you win in other ways. This can include vouchers, free plays, new levels unlocked for free and promo codes to redeem within a game.

Is It Legal?

Yes. Online gambling is illegal, but with social casinos you aren’t putting down money to gamble with, so the rules don’t apply. This isn’t to say that it’s free though. There are still plenty of ways that you can spend money on the games, and this in itself can become costly. As long as you are confident that you can control your spending and that you can afford the in-game purchases then you will find the experience enjoyable. 

What Sort of Games Do They Have?

You name it, they’ve got it! From slot machines to table games to bingo and everything in between. Social casinos invest heavily in their graphics and game designs with many of them using the same developers you’d find working on games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite. This makes the gaming experience more immersive but also means that there is a great deal of thought gone into how to keep you hooked.

You’ll also find that many of the games allow you to play with friends and that is where the social element comes in. Competing against friends and other players isn’t available in all games but we will cover that as we go through each review.


Chumba Casino has been in operation since 2002 and is now one of the most well-known names in social casinos. Offering a variety of different games and prizes, this platform specialises in providing a high-quality gaming experience within each of their games. Using a currency called Sweep Coins, you can buy into some of the higher-level games and games with prizes. These prizes cannot be exchanged for cash but can be used within other games. Chumba focus heavily on ensuring the legality of their players and therefore additional ID is required.

  • How It Works

In compliance to the anti-online gambling legislation, you don’t put cash into your Chumba Account. Instead, you purchase Sweep Coins. You can try some of the games for free as a taster session but overall, it’s designed so that the full experience is enjoyed once you start spending Sweep Coins. Games include all casino style games and additional chance games. Many of these games operate on a Sweep Coins system which buys plays or unlocks levels. You can win points or Gold Coins to trade for more plays, but you can’t take them out of your account util you reach a certain level (in this case $100). Gold Coins – more commonly known as sweepstake prizes- can both be collected through the games and collected via friend referrals, voucher codes and impromptu bonuses.

  • What Games Do They Have?

Not only do Chumba have the traditional style casino games such as roulette, blackjack, video poker, table games and slot machines, but they also have chance games, interactive games and multi-level games. The games are designed to be fun and engaging in the hope that you stick it out for as long as possible. While you don’t win any cash, the thrill of winning the Sweep Coins can make you lose hours pretty fast.

  • Key Features

Chumba Casino offers a first-time bonus when you sign up, but do be prepared with two forms of ID. There are over 80 games to keep you occupied and there is always an opportunity to win Gold Coins via bonuses. Chumba Casino is available on all mobile devices as well as on your PC.

  • What Others Think

According to TrustPilot Chumba Casino has an overall score of 3.9 out of 5 with 61% of the reviews stating that the platform was excellent. Positive reviews have covered that the games were of high quality and that it was an enjoyable experience despite not winning as much as they had hoped. The poor reviews cover subjects such as losing a lot of money without winning anything back, poor customer service if something goes wrong and complaining about the high transaction fees between bank and Chumba Account.


LuckyLand Casino is an Australian based casino that still complies to almost all of the online gambling rules of the US (except for Washington State). It works in a similar way to Chumba Casino in that it has Sweep Coins and Gold Coins as a way of payment and reward. You can withdraw these coins for cash once you reach a certain point. There are many of the classic slot games, some classic casino games and some chance games as well but the amount is much smaller than Chumba Casino, totally around 30.

  • How It Works

LuckyLand Casino works by creating an account and topping it up with Sweep Coins. They do run certain offers where you can double your Coins with a code or as a new player. When you open an account, you do need to be verified to ensure that the casino is complying to the gambling rules. For this you’ll need 2 methods of ID. Once you have your account set up and filled then you can start playing. The games involve paying Sweep Coins to play and each game has a different value of Coins in which to buy in. You can build up your Coins by winning on the games and they can either be played on different games or cashed out when you reach a certain level.

  • What Games Do They Have?

As we said earlier, LuckyLand don’t have the greatest selection of games but the games that they do have are super high quality and vivid. Mainly slot games, you’ll find a variety that will keep you entertained for hours. What you won’t find on LuckyLand is a plethora of classic casino games, although there are a few. LuckyLand’s main focus is slot games, and they specialise in events and tournaments around these games. Leader boards and prizes help to keep the tournaments very popular and well attended.

  • Key Features

As we mentioned, LuckyLand’s key features are their events and tournaments. They not only encourage people to compete against each other, but they also help build a community feel. Speaking of community, you’ll also find LuckyLand integrates with Facebook so you can play and join in the social element there too. The platform does have more opportunity for free plays and bonus wins than most which makes it a more accessible casino experience for those that don’t want to spend out too much or want to try before they buy.

  • What Others Think

LuckyLand Casino has a rating of only 2.9 stars out of 5 on TrustPilot and the reviews are very mixed. The main issue is that is raised is that people aren’t winning back as much as they put in and in many of the reviews it’s compared to other social casinos that players have used. Other issues relate to customer service when something goes wrong and the bonus sweepstakes not paying out as they should. The positive reviews focus on their level of enjoyment and how much time they spent on the games. Overall, not the greatest rating compared to other social casinos.


Funzpoints Casino is a slightly different take from your standard social casino in that it has two different levels of membership, standard and premium. The premium membership offers different games, different levels and extras that you wouldn’t normally get in a game, but this comes at a price. In addition to the premium service, you still pay to play on most of the games. Filled with lots of games including slot games and chance games, there is plenty of ways to have fun. 

  • How It Works

Funzpoints works by creating and topping up your Funzpoints account. You buy points and use them to play the games or bet on table games. Each point you win back or happen to win in a sweepstake (more on that later) the bigger your Funzpoints pot gets and when you reach a certain level you can cash back out or swap them for other rewards such a premium levels or bigger stakes in games. You can also socialise through this platform and members are able to play against one another in games and tournaments.

  • What Games Do They Have?

The majority of games available at Funzpoints Casino are slot games with many of them offering a standard and a premium level. In many cases the games that are premium allow you to cash out while the standard games only allow you to collect Funzpoints. The games available tend to be bright and bold with really high quality graphics.

  • Key Features

One of the biggest features that draws players in to Funzpoints is the number of ways you can obtain free pointz. The first being the actual sign up. Just by completing your profile and providing your ID you qualify for free bonus points. There is also a sweepstake wheel which you can spin to win too. Another draw is the VIP Room. This is activated when you put a certain amount into your account and allows you access to special games, swap points for money and also swap them for different prizes too.

  • What Others Think

With few traditional casino games, it’s little wonder that it’s not hugely popular with the die-hard casino fans. If you are looking for a game of poker or roulette, then this is not the platform for you. Funzpoints TrustPilot review gives it 3 stars out of 5 with 50% of those reviews being rated bad. One player said, “You will never ever get a big pay out at this so-called Social sweepstakes casino.” While a more positive reviewer said, “I love Funzpoints cause they have amazing games never get old and can win good if you play on a good day and also there customer service is awesome fast and the best kind to ask for.” Overall, a very mixed bag of reviews.

These social casino reviews are just a few of the hundreds available. Remember that no matter how great the feeling is, never top up your account with more than you can afford and when it stops being enjoyable it’s time to cut your losses. It’s about having some fun and spending time to socialise with others that makes a great social casino.

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