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` Ever wonder what the real truth is behind online gambling? Well, you’re not alone.
Online gambling has been around since the late 90’s, that is when operators figured out how to offer the casino experience via the internet. However, there is something that the average casino player does not know!
YES! Most if NOT ALL online casinos are ILLEGAL in the US. Unless you live in New Jersey then online casinos ARE ILLEGAL.
What does this mean for you? Well, not being licensed by US regulators means that there is NO CHANCE of getting help if you believe the casino has treated you unfairly due to fraudulent terms and conditions or even worse, they withhold your wirings.
The risks are high. Here are some real-life examples that customers have complained about:
1. Illegal casino operators let you deposit money into your account on their website or app, but if you win you can’t access your winnings.
2. The illegal casino operator closes its services, or moves them elsewhere, and your money disappears.
…But what are my options if I REALLY want to play slots online and EARN REAL CASH PRIZES?
ZitoBox is different, it could be your best alternative...
ZitoBox vs Online Casino ZitoBox is a 100% legal and has paid out more than $4.5 million in rewards like Vanilla Visa cards, Amex, Mastercard digital rewards plus Amazon, Walmart an many more reward cards. Unlike an online casino, you cannot cash-out your winnings, BUT you can however earn Zito points just for having fun. Players were really surprised at how fast they were able to earn points and even more surprised when they realized that in many cases, they were able to get out more than they put in. When you risk playing at an online casino the risks are high, you’re betting against the house which is not a very good bet. Alternatively playing the latest slots at ZitoBox, you’re not betting against the house, as it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, you will always get something out.
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Another very big difference between ZitoBox and an online casino is the redemption process, with ZitoBox you’re a click away from deciding when and how you want to receive your rewards. If you’re a first-time player your account might be quickly screened on your first redemption (keeping a level playing field, ZitoBox needs to prevent account abusers), but after that you control your own destiny. Most rewards are just a click away and delivered via email digitally. No waiting time, no time-consuming and tedious processes that hold you up from getting your rewards.
ZitoBox offers many free slots play methods with coupon codes, you will love the games and experience, give them a try it won’t cost you anything.
AS SEEN ON TV - ZitoBox (based in Florida) has paid out more than $2,271,823.25 to players! Different to traditional online casinos, it does not matter if you WIN or LOSE you automatically earn & can redeem REAL CASH REWARDS!
It’s simple! Just convert your Zito Points instantly into any of the more than 50 different rewards cards available including Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot,, etc…